Branding can be a blank canvas

When you create a brand from scratch it’s so untouched. So malleable. Any direction is possible. But that can mean there are so many options, you just feel overwhelmed.

When we were approached recently to create brand assets for an exciting new wellbeing venture, we went through an interesting journey.

The client wasn’t sure what to do. The stages of getting a new brand created and ‘out there’ were unknown. Every decision mattered and they felt overwhelmed. As is often the case with new businesses starting up, there’s very little time to step back and think objectively.

Guidance can really help you along

This is where the Ocean Associates project team really helped them. We guided them through a creative process of colours, feelings, strengths, words… it sounds more new age than it was. We decided to create mood boards which really worked for the client since it became a very familiar process, akin to choosing a new paint colour for a bedroom.

Within just days of the first brand meeting, we had their logo and brand colours completely nailed. A completely pain-free process.

Phase two is now in motion, and it will be much more about words and tone of voice. This part always really excites us! We’re sure it will be pain free too.

Cost-effective bespoke branding is a thing

If you would like to create any new branding elements for a new, or existing venture – get in touch for a no obligation quote. Our no-fuss approach gets you all the bespoke brand assets you need quickly and cost effectively.