We aim to help your business whatever your size.  All of our services are listed below. 

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Strategic Marketing Planning

The bedrock of marketing! Where are you now?  Where do you want to get to? Let us absorb what you say and work together to come up with a marketing plan which will show you how to reach your objectives and then we'll help ensure you get there. Get in touch for a free Strategic Marketing Planning Consultation.

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Making you a brilliant website

If your site is relatively new, often a refresh of copy and images can give it just the appeal to draw in new customers. Websites do need a revamp every so often; if you leave them too long, they just start to look a bit…dated. If you think your website is looking a bit primitive, we can completely redesign it with a new template to give it a modern feel which represents you and your values.

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Getting attention online

Most of us have heard of Google Ads which are a great way of generating interest in your website … but there are many more ways to get people to your site these days - some can stretch tiny budgets very far indeed. Online advertising. Social Media. Optimisation.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is a powerful way of generating sales leads. It gets your businesses key messages directly into the inboxes, or letterboxes, of potential customers.
Emails, letters, ‘lumpy mail’… different mechanisms work for different businesses. We can advise on what would work best for you and then target your customers with personalised and engaging communications.

Copywriting & blogging

We love writing, and we’re pretty confident that people like reading what we’ve written. Whatever the tone of your business, we can convey it in your written communications – professional, friendly, cheeky, serious…  We believe written communications work well when they are engaging, clear and succinct – if you agree with us, why not let us lose on your brochures, social media, blogs…anything at all.

Social Media

If this is a new area you’d like to explore, we’ll let you know the best social media platforms for your business and how best to use them - including organic (free) and paid-for.
If you’ve already established your social media, we know it can be tricky to keep it alive with fresh, regular content. That’s where we come in: creating articles and sharing content – all with the purpose of engaging with your audiences, increasing your visibility and creating conversations.

Building awareness of a product or company brand

If you have a message to shout about – we make sure it gets out there. We can tell the world that your company exists, or a get a more specific message out to certain audiences - such as a new product, service enhancement or ‘sale now on’.  We have many tools we use including advertising, PR, direct marketing…why not let us loose on your message?

Organising & running events

Thinking of taking part in a trade show? Want to do a touch of corporate hospitality? Got some great news to share internally with your division? Thinking of hosting an industry event?  Maybe you haven’t because they are a lot of work to organise. Good news, we can manage the entire process for you. Sourcing a venue, invites, speakers/entertainment, exhibition stands, promotional literature, branded merchandise, onsite support… attention to detail is our motto.

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